Grape Debate: RIESLING

Grape Debate: RIESLING

Join us for a tasting like no other! Four gregarious tutors at West London Wine School are to be pitched against each other's wits in a mayoral-style debate defending the elegant Riesling but from four different countries. Quentin Sadler, our long-standing orator will be championing Germany, whilst vocal Shane Jones will be fervently defending classic France and Cherie Agnew, our resident Kiwi, will be of course lashing superlatives about New Zealand and Australia. We welcome our newest tutor to the line-up, Jonny Tyson, ex-Canadian resident, who will be the force behind the Americas.

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Your vote will count to see who will be crowned the King/Queen of Riesling. 


Before the tasting you will be asked to provide your preference of Riesling from Germany, France, New Zealand/Australia and the Americas. These results will be collated and displayed in a classic election bar chart on the projector. You'll gather around, and at the front of the room stand three lecterns propping up the four tutors. The compere, Jimmy Smith, will introduce the evening and each tutor will launch into a short Introduction outlining their Riesling Manifesto.


Then the tasting begins for two rounds:

  • Round 1: Dry or off-dry Riesling under £20
  • Round 2: Medium to sweet Riesling between £20-£40

With each round each tutor will present their wine, tasting it with everyone and explain why it is the greatest and exciting in that category. At the end of each round the floor will be open for questions from the floor (that's you guys!). We expect difficult questions, nervy answers, robust remarks and aggressive quips as each tutor attempts to out-wit the other.


There will be a chance of a game-clinching closing statement from each tutor. Then you will be asked to write down your new preferences again from Germany, France, New Zealand/Australia and the Americas and we'll display the new set of results on the election bar chart - the tutor with biggest swing of results will be crowned King/Queen of Riesling.

This is a tasting that will be extremely fun, different and energetic but will also open your eyes up to the diversity of one specific grape variety across four different nations/regions. There will be plenty of wine to go around, plenty of interaction, and a great way to kick off your week!



Places remaining: 2

Course Date/Time: Tue 23rd Jul 2019 at 7pm

Duration: 2.5 hours

Venue: The Wine Cellars, Fulham, SW6 2ST


The Wine Cellars


Event Price: £37.50







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